Today, commercial malls, supermarkets, and small marts grow up in succession to suit consumers’ shopping needs. Recognizing this trend, supermarket shelf manufacturer Viet EASY created and launched a range of shelf models that are extensively used for numerous types. For additional information, please contact us via Whatsapp or Zalo: +84796700777!

Viet EASY is a reputable supermarket shelves manufacturer

Viet EASY is Vietnam’s No. 1 factory supermarket shelves ; the supermarket shelves presented here are inexpensive, attractively built, and long-lasting. In addition to manufacturing basic shelves, Viet EASY will design and produce shelves to the specs and colors specified by the customer.

Mechanical processing of Supermarket shelves in Viet EASY

1. Materials

The raw materials used to construct the warehouse shelves, such as iron, steel, and wood, are thoroughly inspected to verify that the finished items are of the same quality and consistency.

2. Production line

After inspection, the materials will be fed into the machinery, which will cut, peel, bend, weld, punch… into the shelf’s features. Viet EASY’s production lines are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, and the manufacturing process adheres to European standards. The details after machining are absolutely precise.

3. Powder coating

The shelf details will be cleansed of dirt and metal chips before going through the powder coating area to guarantee the color is uniform and there are no lumps or gaps. Automatic equipment with modern spray gun systems operate the powder coating process, resulting in higher productivity than manual methods.

After being powder coated, the details will be placed in a hot steam chamber to allow the powder coating to melt and attach to the surface. The goal is to form a strong connection for the paint layer that is difficult to scratch and pull off. The conveyor system allows the components to enter the paint furnace at one end and exit at the other, reducing human work and enhancing output quality.

5. Quality check

The inspection staff rigorously evaluates each detail after completion before packing and shipping to each customer. Ensure that each product is of the highest quality when it reaches the customer’s hands, with no distortions, scratches, or other flaws.

6. Packing and Shipping

After the warehouse shelf production cycle is completed, the products will be packed and transported to the customer. If there is an issue during transit that causes the product to be scratched or distorted, we support 100% free return and exchange.

All kinds of supermarket shelves at Viet EASY factory

Mesh Supermarket Shelves

– Using powder coated steel, anti-abrasion, service life up to 5 years
– Back using mesh from 2.5 to 3.5
– Heavy duty steel tray
– Flexible assembly

Perforated Corrugated Iron Shelves

– Produced from high quality iron material
– Modern production process meets European standards.
– Powder coating to prevent rust and abrasion.
– The load capacity of each floor is from 50 to 100kg.

Wooden Retail Display Shelves

– Combination of metal and wood.
– Stand and stand are made of high quality powder coated iron.
– There are holes on the body to install other details of the shelf.
– The back of the shelf is made of iron mesh, knitted with airy squares, separating the two display items
– The shelf is made of industrial wood that has been treated against termites and mold.

Display Shelves On Request

– Safe natural wood material, ensuring that vegetables and fruits are not contaminated with microorganisms.
– Beautiful design, suitable for all store spaces.
– Low cost, suitable for the pocket of many consumers.

Shelves For Supermarket Promotion

– Made of high quality iron material.
– Professional sales and advertising style.
– Help customers see new products easily.
– Create a pleasant feeling when shopping.
– Easily promote images and brands.

Shelves are made to order

– All kinds of supermarket shelves in Viet EASY are made according to the requirements of customers, all quality and eye-catching.
– Make sure specifications and colors are correct as required.
– Optimize store area and space.
– Lifetime warranty.

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Warehouse Shelves

Sales management solution

Applicable model

Warehouse shelves are mechanically manufactured and processed in Viet EASY and are applied to many warehouse models as follows:

– Industrial warehouse shelves
– Warehouse for hotel goods
– Room containing documents of notary office
– School, library
– Maintain records for offices, companies..
– Goods storage at post offices
– Warehouse of restaurant goods
– Clothing store warehouse
– Small and medium grocery stores

Commitment Viet EASY

– Commitment to genuine products, diverse models
– Viet EASY provides thoughtful service from product consultation to after-sales service, after-sales warranty service
– Setup package model with cheap price
– Quick warranty
– Enthusiastic consulting support suitable for your model
– Professional staff
– Ready to answer questions for customers
– Delivery, installation on site