As one of the leading manufacturers of supermarket shelves and warehouse shelves in Vietnam, Viet EASY is always interested in service quality as well as the interests of customers. In order to make it easier for customers to buy goods, we recruit shelves agent in Cambodia with many preferential policies. Contact Zalo or Whatsapp: +84935777802 for direct advice.

Preferential policies for agents of Viet EASY

When you become a shelf distributor of Viet EASY, you will enjoy the following benefits:
– Professional training and sales skills.
– Supported with necessary documents for the job.
– Provided customer data in the agent area.
– The shelf is warranted according to Viet EASY’s regulations.
– Enjoy high discount according to sales.
– Enjoy more policies on gifts and bonuses on holidays and Tet.
– Support in designing and printing signs, banners, flyers…
– Consulting how to manage website, advertising to promote sales.
Regularly updated product information, prices, promotions, marketing strategies to sell effectively.

Conditions to become a shelf distributor of Viet EASY

Businesses, organizations or individuals who want to become Viet EASY’s shelf distribution agents need to meet and comply with the following conditions:
– Store location: Located on major roads, many means of transportation; located near densely populated areas, convenient for buying and selling and attracting customers.
– Store space: The store needs to have a large enough space to install display shelves and introduce products to many consumers.
– Showroom: Agents will be supported to design signs and banners according to the brand identity standards of Viet EASY, avoiding the situation of selling fake and poor quality goods.
In addition, to ensure business efficiency and quality of services, Viet EASY prioritizes individuals and organizations who have experience and knowledge in the field of supermarket shelves and warehouse shelves.

All kinds of shelves at Viet EASY

Supermaket Shelves

Agents can browse a variety of supermarket shelf options at Viet EASY, including Mesh Supermarket Shelves, Perforated Corrugated Iron Shelves, Wooden Retail Display Shelves, Display Shelves On Request, Shelves For Supermarket Promotion, Shelves are made to order

Warehouse Shelves

Viet EASY warehouse shelves have outstanding durability (more than 20 years), withstand large loads, long warranty (5 years), so dealer owners can be completely assured to distribute their warehouse shelves. I. Types of warehouse shelves Viet EASY currently have: industrial warehouse shelves, medium-load shelves, V-hole shelves…

Mechanical processing of Shelves in Viet EASY

Racks at Viet EASY are manufactured with a modern, closed process, from raw material selection to factory storage. Factory with many modern machines and equipment, meeting large capacity. All products are strictly tested before reaching customers. Customers can rest assured when choosing our products.

Commitment Viet EASY

– Commitment to genuine products, diverse models
– Viet EASY provides thoughtful service from product consultation to after-sales service, after-sales warranty service
– Setup package model with cheap price
– Quick warranty
– Enthusiastic consulting support suitable for your model
– Professional staff
– Ready to answer questions for customers
– Delivery, installation on site